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Welcome to  SuperSale-DomainNames.com

Getting a good domain name is one of the most important steps when starting an online business. Here, you will find a nice choice of beautiful domain names at reasonable prices, with the right keywords, some names registered back in 2000.

I own all domain names and websites sold on this website. I have made domain names transfer transactions simple and safe.

If you want to buy a domain name or a website, you can buy it at the Buy it Now prices or by making an offer.

If you accept our price and/or are worried that someone else will purchase the domain before you do the right solution is to use theBuy Now option.

We will reply within hours, but sometimes it might take a little longer.  We reserve the right to counter your offer and the resultant negotiation could take a while.

Please note: we will not HOLD the domain because you have made an offer. Should some other shopper opt toBuy Nowwe will sell the domain to them.

First come… first serve!

 When we receive a Buy Now or if we accept an offer, we will send a Paypal invoice for the amount.

No deal is final until the purchase payment is made first through PayPal.

As soon as the payment is received by us, we will begin the transfer to the buyer.

 If the buyer would like to use escrow services, he will pay the cost of the services. More details here at ESCROW.com or SEDO.com

The easiest way and fastest way to make this transfer would be to use the same registrar as ours. 

For all my domain name business, I deal with   Dynadot.com . Opening an account with them is free. They have some of the best prices and superb support service.

I hope you find one or several domain names you like.

Looking forward to a successful transaction,

Happy domaining,

Gilles Gauthier

70 English Names + 41French Names:  total = 111 names

This website you are visiting is included in the deal as your Online Store ;

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